Scott is phenomenal at engaging students, finding ways to teach/train beginners, advanced, & cheerleaders in a short amount of time. He is encouraging with his students & in addition to his obvious superior ability, he builds confidence in these precious children. There is not another professional trainer I would recommend! I/ we (my daughter & myself) are so very thankful for Scott and feel blessed that we were able to utilize his many services! Scott is commitment to help others become their very best! Thank you Scott for all you did for my daughter! 😊

Heather Nash

Scott has been a great tumbling coach for my daughter. He is kind and encouraging and teaches her proper tumbling techniques. She has grown tremendously with him, more then I can say of other gyms. We have sent many people to his gym and they all feel the same way. If you want your child to learn to love gymnastics and tumbling (and learn correctly), I highly recommend this gym! 😄

Sandi Wallis

I am happy to tell you that Scott Johnson Tumble & Gymnastics Academy was chosen for the 2018 Best of Winter Springs Awards in the category of Gymnastics Center. The Best of Winter Springs Award was created to acknowledge the best businesses in our community.

Winter Springs

Lisa Mitzel
November 18 at 2:57 PM

May I just say, Scott Johnson, how honored I am that you endorsed my new book Focused and Inspired, and that I get to be in the same circle as you in developing the self-esteem and confidence in young athletes, especially to enhance their safety and well-being. Bravo, Scott! Keep spreading positivity and education – you are inspiring. xoxo

Lisa Mitzel

From the very first day when I contacted you for a very beginner issue (if I look back today, it was a very serious matter to me back then. lol) til today 5 years later when we bump into more complicated challenges, your warm but practical and very insightful advice has always helped us and made me realize something which I did not think of before. I assume your perspective and thoughts come from your personality and unique experience of achieving the prestigious goal, and I know it is difficult to find someone like you. We are fortunate to have you. I hope more athletes, regardless of sport, can get to know you. Thank you Coach Scott, we love you.

Caleb Hunter

Scott was so helpful! I was at my wits end and close to the point that I was seriously considering taking the financial hit and pulling my daughter from cheer. We do NOT drop sports mid season in this family but I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t understand her big emotional ups and downs were “normal” for this sport. Thank you Scott for talking me off the ledge!

If you are new to cheer as I am and need some guidance on how to help your child gain confidence and how to manage the emotions of athletes in this rigorous sport, take Scott up on his offer!

Bethany Hall