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Welcome to my special Blog where you can get lots of information on gymnastics, tumbling, exercise, and all sports in general.  I will be providing information for students, parents, and coaches who will surely benefit from the content.  I will be blogging on skills, technique, trends, spotting, safety, counseling, and anything else that can help those who love sports.

I have made it a priority to educate and help all those interested in youth sports- specifically in the sports of gymnastics, tumbling, cheer, dance, martial arts, and others.  I have participated in the sport of gymnastics most of my life.  Through many years of hard work, triumphs and failures,  I have the experience and understanding of many issues that will be covered in my posts.

Have questions, concerns, advice?  I will do the best I can to assist you!!


SJ Maltese-Cross pic
1984 Olympic Gold Medalist  1988 Olympic Team Captain

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Contact me if you are interested in clinics, seminars, or special event presentations.  Have a skill or technique question or a video for evaluation?  I would be happy to help if I can.  I am here for you!!

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