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I have spent my life in the sport of gymnastics and had such a strong desire that it took me to places I have never dreamed.  Not only did this great sport allow me to reach my dream of becoming an Olympian, it made me an Olympic Gold Medalist.  The greatest asset it provided was the opportunity to share my experiences with my students and all others in any sport wanting and yearning for positive direction and motivation.

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Here, you will find tons of great information on gymnastics, tumbling, exercise, and all sports in general.  In this website, I  provide information for students, parents, and coaches who will surely benefit from the content.  My blogs and video’s are created to assist with development on skills, technique, trends, spotting, safety, counseling, and anything else that can help those who love sports.


I am available for clinics, seminars, and camps.  I often give motivational speeches to both youth and corporate groups.  The information and experiences I share are lateral in almost any industry.  To become successful, there are basic fundamentals to follow in any type of journey.  Whether you are an athlete with strong desires to succeed, a parent who is helping their child to succeed, a person striving to succeed in business – the motivation is the same.

I have made it a priority to educate and help all those interested in becoming successful.  It is not easy to become a champion and there are always many hurdles to overcome.

“Only through passion, desire, and loving what your are doing are you going to have the motivation it takes to put out the effort needed for success”- Scott Johnson

If you are a progam that entails tumbling training, it is emparative that the students learn and develop a strong foundation of fundamental skills to ensure safe and positive progression.  My Beginner Tumbling Training Guide is the perfect tool for such development.  To order your copy, go to:

Have questions, concerns, advice?  I will do the best I can to assist you!!

About Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson started his gymnastics career at the age of 10 when his family moved to Colorado Springs, CO from Cincinnati, Ohio. He was a “quick study” and became the Colorado State AA Champion by the time he was a high school senior at Colorado’s Wasson High School. Scott had a dream of becoming an Olympian since the early start of his gymnastics experience.  That dream came true in the Summer of 1984.

In the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles, the men’s gymnastics team –  “Boys of Summer” as they had been nicknamed, emerged from nowhere to win the title. The historic win marked the first American gold medal in decades and the first team medal of any kind since the early ’30s. Scott Johnson was a member of this team.

Johnson was a major player for the US National team throughout most of the 1980s. A three-time National champion, Johnson made history at the 1987 Pan Am Games. Not only did he become the AA champion, but in doing so he broke the Pan Am Games all around record. Even more impressive is that he became the first gymnast in Pan Am Games history to win medals on every event.

Johnson competed for the University of Nebraska for a fair share of his elite career. As a Husker, Johnson brought glamour and pride to his school, earning All American 11 times and 4 NCAA National Titles.

Scott Johnson went on to compete for the US as Captain of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, becoming one of a handful of two-time Olympians in American gymnastics. That same year, he was one of ten athletes nominated for the prestigious James E. Sullivan award.

Following the 1988 Olympics, Scott “retired” to Florida and began his gymnastics coaching career.

Scott currently owns and operates Scott Johnson’s Tumble & Gymnastics Academy in Florida while continuing to support American gymnastics as well as promote gymnastics and sports among young people. “Scott teaches how to turn negatives into positives, and he believes this is his greatest asset”.  Through his Blogs and Training Manuals, he has been able to help and guide athletes from around the world to achieve their own hopes and goals for success.

Highest Achievements

2006 USA Olympic Hall of Fame Inductee

1999 USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame Inductee

1988 Olympic Team Captain

1984 Olympic Gold Medalist

Other Nominations & Awards

1987 USA National All Around Champion

1987 Pan American All Around Champion

4 times World Championship Team Member

7 times NCAA Collegiate National Champion

8 times USA National Team Member

James E. Sullivan Award

Most medals ever won at the Olympic Festival and Pan American Games

SJ Maltese-Cross pic
1984 Olympic Gold Medalist  1988 Olympic Team Captain

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Contact me if you are interested in clinics, seminars, or special event presentations.  I am also available for one-on-one private lesson’s via Skype.  Have a skill or technique question or a video for evaluation?  I would be happy to help if I can.  I am here for you!!

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  1. An excellent resource for anyone interested in gymnastics. Scott Johnson has the experience of being at the top of the sport and now he is providing his expertise to help others. Highly recommended.

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Scott is phenomenal at engaging students, finding ways to teach/train beginners, advanced, & cheerleaders in a short amount of time. He is encouraging with his students & in addition to his obvious superior ability, he builds confidence in these precious children. There is not another professional trainer I would recommend! I/ we (my daughter & myself) are so very thankful for Scott and feel blessed that we were able to utilize his many services! Scott is commitment to help others become their very best! Thank you Scott for all you did for my daughter! 😊

Heather Nash

Scott has been a great tumbling coach for my daughter. He is kind and encouraging and teaches her proper tumbling techniques. She has grown tremendously with him, more then I can say of other gyms. We have sent many people to his gym and they all feel the same way. If you want your child to learn to love gymnastics and tumbling (and learn correctly), I highly recommend this gym! 😄

Sandi Wallis

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