Scott’s Gyms

What I have found throughout my years of coaching gymnastics at the competitive level is that there is a huge need to teach students, at the grass roots level, proper technique in skill development. In many industries that entail tumbling exercises and basic gymnastics, there is often a lack of building a strong foundation of basic elements. This is important for positive and safe growth in developmental training.

For this specific reason, I developed a program that focuses on teaching students the proper technique from the beginning. This resulted in the creation of Scott Johnson’s Tumble & Gymnastics Academy. This program is strictly recreational and has no competitive strings attached. Through my highly structured and positive curriculum, students learn their skills with proper technique that ensures progress and safety. Many of the students who grow though and our program will have the skills needed to take them to a competitive level if they desire.

The curriculum is not designed to produce a competitive gymnast, however, the curriculum is designed to assist and grow students in any industry such as cheerleading, dance, and martial arts.

Through the success of my first facility, my long time mentor and business advisor, Frank Thomas, saw promise in the business and decided to become a partner for future growth. Frank is an expert in business development and real estate – the best type of partner anyone can ask for. Our vision is to take our program and expand it as far as it is capable.

If you would like more information on our gym program or are interested in a franchise opportunity, please contact us at: