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Learning the Aerial Cartwheel

Coaching: The Communication Factor

Tumbling for Sport

Parents Guide: Choosing an Activity

Tumbling: Importance of Building a Strong Foundation

The Training Process

Tumbling and the Cheerleader

Class Structure

The Technique Controversy

The Art of Spottin

Programs for the Rec Student

Coaching: Lets Be Positive

Training the Beginner Student

Setting Goals: The Path to Success

Coaching the Parents

Staffing: The Backbone of Every Business

Injuries: Prevention and Repair

Starting a Small Gym Program

Win or Lose: Sports Learning Curve

Gymnastics: Training Your Staff

The Coach: Creating the Successful Athlete

Benefits of Gymnastics

Life After Sports

Stress in Sports

Confidence and the Mental Block

Cheerleader and Tumbling

Basics of Tumbling – From the Beginning

The Twisting Element

Share Your Success

Coaching Sports: Who is in Charge?

Back to a Healthy Lifestyle

Flexibility: A Benefit to Success

Tumbling and the Dancer

Where to Place New Student Athletes

The Psychological Effect in Sports

Corrective Coaching

The Dynamics of Front Tumbling

Coaching the Challenged Athlete

Tumbling: The Round-Off

How Do I Fix That?

To Compete or Not Compete

Sports: Choosing the Right Path for Your Child

Dreams Can Come True

Problem Solver vs Text Book Instruction

Risks of Spotting

To Push or Not Push

Building Confidence for New Skills

The Hurdle Step – The Key Ingredient

Sports: When to call it Quits?

How Do You Treat Your Students?

Skill Development: Why Can’t I Get It?

Tumbling: Wrist and Ankle Pain

Improving Your Weaknesses

Should Your Student or Child be Promoted?

The Motivation Factor

What Was My Motivation?

Why it is Important to Spot Skills

Don’t Give Up!!

Learning Tumbling Skills May Take a Long Time

How Can Gymnastics Benefit Your Child?

It’s All About Attitude

Preparing for the Big Moment

The Perfect Training Environment