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Coaching: The Communication Factor

Tumbling for Sport

Parents Guide: Choosing an Activity

Tumbling: Importance of Building a Strong Foundation

The Training Process

Tumbling and the Cheerleader

Class Structure

The Technique Controversy

The Art of Spotting

The Motivating Factor

Programs for the Rec Student

Coaching: Lets Be Positive

Training the Beginner Student

Setting Goals: The Path to Success

Coaching the Parents

Staffing: The Backbone of Every Business

Injuries: Prevention and Repair

Starting a Small Gym Program

Win or Lose: Sports Learning Curve

Gymnastics: Training Your Staff

The Coach: Creating the Successful Athlete

Benefits of Gymnastics

Life After Sports

Stress in Sports

Confidence and the Mental Block

Cheerleader and Tumbling

Basics of Tumbling – From the Beginning

The Twisting Element

Share Your Success

Coaching Sports: Who is in Charge?

Back to a Healthy Lifestyle

Flexibility: A Benefit to Success

Tumbling and the Dancer

Where to Place New Student Athletes

The Psychological Effect in Sports

Corrective Coaching

The Dynamics of Front Tumbling

Coaching the Challenged Athlete

Tumbling: The Round-Off

How Do I Fix That?

To Compete or Not Compete

Sports: Choosing the Right Path for Your Child

Dreams Can Come True

Problem Solver vs Text Book Instruction

Risks of Spotting

To Push or Not Push

Building Confidence for New Skills