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Scott Johnson

I have made it a priority to educate and help all those interested in the sport of gymnastics and tumbling.  I have participated in the sport of gymnastics most of my life.  Through many years of hard work, triumphs and failures,  I have an understanding of all aspects of training, preparing, and educating any and all who are in the need of learning more about this sport.

From skill development, types of training, safety, counseling, and mentoring, you can find it all here.  My objectives are to help and guide those who are interested in learning more about this wonderful sport.

My experiences follow a complete scale of gymnastics and training development from highly competitive to the most basic recreational programs.  I have experience and knowledge that is beneficial to many markets, including: gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, martial arts, and any other discipline that entails gymnastics and tumbling participation.

Have questions, concerns, advice?  I will do the best I can to assist you!!


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1984 Olympic Gold Medalist  1988 Olympic Team Captain


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