Overcoming the Pandemic Obstacle

Whether your a business owner, employee, athlete, or student, there are situations that occur that are purely unpredictable and sometimes tragic. These situations most always create chaos in one’s life. This current situation of the coronavirus pandemic is certainly one of those situations and it is extremely tragic. But not all has to be lost and destroyed. This is where mental toughness and perseverance comes into play as we fight to overcome the pandemic.

Many of us have heard of the phrase “learn from your failures”. This pandemic is not a failure on anyone’s part and an event uncontrolled by any. However, the dynamics are similar in approaching the situation as a failure. We were all shut down and on the path of failure.

There was, and is, so much uncertainty. When things started looking better, all of a sudden we were thrown back into a downward spiral. And when all hope seems impossible, it is these times when we need to rise and do all we can to conquer and be victorious.

The business owner needs to find ways to continue some type of operation. It may be different, uncomfortable, and not as productive, but something is better than nothing. Find a way!!

The athlete may not have their gym to train, but this doesn’t mean to quit and give up. Just as in an injury that prevents a normal training schedule, other training options are available to keep in shape both mentally and physically.

With all the restrictions and regulations put upon us as business owners, it trickles down and effects every client as well. We all need to be strong and positive. This is the foundation of creating and growing in our society.

This pandemic will come to an end. Things may change moving forward and there may be “new normals”, but we will adapt to reach the goals we have and continue on that path to success. Don’t let anyone or anything sway you from your dream!!

Scott Johnson
1984 Olympic Gold Medealist

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The Mental Block Nightmare

There are times in an athletes career where they may experience a Mental Block that prevents them from moving forward in a positive direction. No matter what the sport may be, Mental Blocks can occur without notice or incident. In most cases, however, the block is due to a negative experience that occurred in the athletes life. When these blocks occur, it can be very difficult to overcome. So, can Mental Blocks be prevented? The answer is “Yes”!! How? through Prevention!!

Gymnastics and tumbling skills entail very complex body movements that require consistent training to achieve. As the skills become more difficult so does the time it takes to achieve them. In addition, the risk factors begin to come into play. This is the most common reason that Mental Blocks occur. Students often become “scared” when they are introduced to new skills, especially if there is a higher risk factor.

If a student is introduced to new skills through consistent drill training, it will create a better understanding of the skill in a non-threatening way. In addition, and most important, the student should have mastered all prerequisite skills before being introduced to more difficult skills. For example, we would not introduce a student to a back handspring before they learn a bridge kick-over and back limber. These prerequisite skills teach the student the feeling of flipping backwards.

Many times, the Mental Block is created when a student experiences an accident while training skills. This can happen to even the most experienced athletes. Accidents happen, but many can be prevented through proper training practices. Spotting is a critical method in preventing accidents and helping the athlete gain confidence in skill training https://scottjohnsonsgymexperience.com/2018/04/10/the-art-of-spotting/ . If a student is forced or attempts to perform a skill they are not completely ready for (both physically /or emotionally), an accident is much more likely to occur.

Following a progressive training program can certainly reduce the risks of mental blocks. Having a strong foundation of basic elements is important for the athlete to progress comfortably to more difficult skills. In addition, training should remain as consistent as possible. If a student takes an extended break from training, they may develop some apprehension in getting their skills back. Especially if the student has had an aggressive growth spurt while taking that break. As the body grows, everything changes: height, weight, center of gravity, all of which are important factors in skill development.

If a student gets a mental block on a particular skill, it is important for the coaches to be patient and work towards eliminating the block. One way is to reteach the skill from the beginning. Using drills and spotting helps the athlete to regain their confidence. What should not be done is to force the student to attempt performing the skill. This will most likely intensify the block. I have seen many athletes quit the sport due to blocks that couldn’t be overcome. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Mental Blocks are common and they certainly interrupt growth in an athlete. We need to do our best to “prevent” the blocks from happening. If the proper training progressions are followed, it will highly reduce the probability of a block from occuring.

My new Beginner Tumbling Training Guide is published and ready for all to use. This is a great training aid for any and all programs who offer tumbling training. If you would like to order your copy, follow this link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0847D3VQC

In addition, if you would like a personal training session or consultation with me, we can Skype a lesson. Email me at: scottjohnsongymnastics@gmail.com